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Born in Steeltown, Ontario (Hamilton) in 1976, I spent my growing years in the suburban town of Burlington. After leafing through too many coffee table books of Canada, I realized I had to experience the west and packed my bags at the age of 19 and moved to Calgary, Alberta. I soon realized my love of mountains and wide open spaces was to great to ever be able to move back to Ontario. Life was made better in my second year of university when I met Maria, whom I've been with since. After finishing our degrees and slogging throught the real world for a bit, we packed our bags and moved to Reno, Nevada for graduate school. There we learned the thrill of open container laws and met great people. After two years, our student visas were up and our patience with George W. had run thin. We packed our things in a rickety old UHaul and headed back to the familiar waters (or lack thereof) of Calgary. We're now embarking on the yuppie phase of our life where our challenges have shifted from making rent to finding end tables that match.


Bikes, skiing, backpacking, dog-wrestling